Protect your business from phishing attacks with a free cyber security awareness video

Institute for Cyber Risk provides all companies a free cyber security awareness video to your employees, informing them about the threat from phishing attacks during Covid-19 (the Corona virus) and telling employees how to protect themselves.

The video has a length of approx. 3 minutes and a trailer is shown below: Click the button below to get access to the video, which can be freely used on your company's intranet or other internal website. The video can also be delivered in German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish.

Get access to the video

How to make use of the video?

The video will be displayed as an embedded video from a streamingprovider and can be embedded using a simple HTML snippet, that can easily be inserted into your company's intranet or internal website. That's it.

Globally, we are currently experiencing a huge increase in hacker attacks

Globally, we are currently experiencing a huge increase in hacker attacks that we have not seen similar for many years. Criminal hackers exploit the fear of the Corona virus, and the unusual circumstances make them easier to succeed. At Institute for Cyber Risk, we are very concerned about the situation, which can take even the largest and most solid companies out of business, if they are hit by hacker attacks during the Corona crisis.

We know that education and awareness training work and can minimize the risk of a business being hit. That is why we have decided to offer all companies free access to our phishing awareness video, as long as the Corona virus ravages our everyday lives. We hope that it can help minimize successful attacks against companies world wide.

The Alice & Bob Universe

The Alice and Bob-universe is planned and structured based on the archetypal figures from cryptography. The Alice and Bob-universe is characterized by humor, and the material is easily accessible and understandable for everyone, and therefore targets all types of employees in the organization.

The creator of Hugo the TV troll, Niels Krogh Mortensen has created the visual part of the universe and has added a lot of personality to the characters.

Effective cyber security awareness training needs to be personal to create awareness and change behavior, which is why the universe focuses on cyber security at work and at home.